Forests in Good Hands

The Woodlot Licence program was founded on the principles of social license and stewardship of a Crown resource.

Woodlot Licences – Local People
Hectares Stewarded – Local Forests
Economic Contribution (2022) – Local Business

Local Forest Stewardship

A Woodlot Licence is a unique long-term forest tenure, managed by local people who take a personal, small scale approach.

Woodlots are sustainably managed for all forest resources and many have been recognized for excellence and innovation in woodlot management.

Rooted in Communities

While Woodlot Licences make up a very small percentage of BC’s annual harvest, they are a big deal on communities managed forest landscape.

Living in the community where their woodlot is located, Woodlot Licence holders are closely connected to local interests and values. Woodlot forestry contributes economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits to rural communities in BC.

Discover Woodlot Licences

Woodlot Forestry is an alternative approach to managing BC’s Crown forests.

Woodlot Licences are BC’s smallest forest tenure managed for timber. They are often located in the Wildland Urban Interface because of their small scale and hands-on management.